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We meet in the main square of Gharb, one of the quietest neighbourhoods in Gozo.  In fact here is known for the many beautiful farmhouses surrounded green fields and stunning views, far away from the cities' hustle and bustle.  As soon as you learn how to manoeuvre your Segway, we will head to the outskirts of Gharb, and after about 20minutes of silently gliding through the lush green fields, we arrive at San Dimitri Chapel.  Here we take a short break for a visit to this mythical chapel and surroundings.

We hop on our Segways once again, and after some time we arrive at Wied il-Mielah, one of the most beautiful walking routes in Gozo, and the island's second, and lesser known 'window'.

After a short stop for a stroll down the stairs to see the natural stone window, we glide back through the valley to Gharb pjazza, and right below our feet, in the middle of the square, we see a sun-dial, the first form of time-keeping used by our ancestors. By means of this sun-dial, one can see the time of the day indicated by his shadow.

Your tour is not over yet!.. Before packing up, we will move to Pjazza Santu Pietru and head to see Dwejra (where the Azure Window formerly stood) from the cliffs above... and a mesmerising sunset on the horizon!

Tour Main Points

  • Gharb Main Square

    Starting Point – We meet in the beautiful main square of Gharb, just beside the church. Here you will see a sun-dial on the floor in the middle of the square – the first form of time keeping used by our ancestors. By means of this sun-dial, one can see the time of the day indicated by his shadow.

  • San Dimitri Chapel

    Built in the early 15th century, this chapel - dedicated to St Demetrius is the westernmost chapel in Gozo. A local legend tells how an old woman nicknamed Zgugina was at home one night when Barbarian corsairs invaded the island and kidnapped her son Mattew. This desperate mother ran weeping to St. Demetrius' chapel and poured out her heart in prayer, saying: "San Dimitri, bring me back my son, and I'll light your lamp with a measure of oil for the rest of my life". St. Demetrius heard her supplication and left the painting right in front of her eyes and rode into the night in pursuit of the Turkish galley. He was soon back holding her boy in his arms. As he re-entered the picture on the chapel's altar, a mark from his horse's hoof remained imprinted on the rock. Zgugina kept her promise and kept a lamp lit to the saint day and night, until one day, during an earthquake, the rock on which the first chapel was built broke off and fell into the sea, but the chapel did not break up. Sailors have often reported seeing a light in the depths of the sea – Zgugina's lamp still burning under water! The chapel was rebuilt in 1736 to create the chapel we see today.

  • Wied il-Mielah

    Wied il-Mielah valley is rich in flora and in fact the way down is like a botanical display of vegetation, typical to the Mediterranean. Yellow rather than green is the primary colour here, especially from late autumn to spring, when many fields bloom with the small yellow flower of the Cape Sorrel.

  • Pjazza Santu Pietru

    Pjazza Santu Pietru is situated in the outskirts of Gharb, right before entering the neighbouring village of St Lawrenz.

  • Sunset overlooking Dwejra

    Mesmerising sunset on the horizon at Dwejra from high above the cliffs in Triq San Pietru

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Time required:
about 2hours
Gharb Main Square
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